Jio Caller Tune Number – Jio Caller Tune Song List

Jio Caller Tune Number

Jio Caller Tune Number: Now you can express your mood with the help of free Jio caller tune service. Reliance Jio caller tune is currently offering free service without any extra charge of service. Jio caller tune is a value-added service which you can set your favorite song as your caller tune. All callers calling your number will be able to listen to till the time your number is ringing.

Jio has changed our smartphone. Jio gives cheap data, free “ SMS” to free video and voice calls. Many people still don’t know that Jio also offers free caller tunes service without any charge. You can set your favorite song more than 4 lakhs song catalog.

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How To Set Jio Caller Tune

You can set caller tune to form a large collection of songs to form national to international. There are 3 ways you can activate Jio tunes.

1. Jio saavn music app.
2. Sending a message by caller tune number.
3. Copying form other Jio number user.

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Active Jio Caller Tune With Jio Saavn Music App

1. First, download the Jio saavn music app on your Android or iOS smartphone and sign in on the app.
2. search and select a song from the list, which you want to set caller tune on Jio number.
3. Click the set as Jio tune button.
4. Listen to preview and confirm by taping on set as Jio tune.
5. You will receive confirmation activation message form Jio.

Jio Caller Tune Number
Jio Caller Tune Number

Activate Jio Caller Tune With SMS

Send SMS JT to 56789 and follow instructions or you can use below formate to set your favorite caller tune.

1. MOVIE <Movie Name> and send to 56789
2. ALBUM <Album Name> and send to 56789
3. SINGER <Singer Name> and send to 56789

Copy Other Jio Caller Tune

Like your friend’s caller tune? you can copy very simple way. This method of activating Jio tune is simpler.

1. To set the same Jio tune as another Jio customer press “*” button before the stope ringing.
2. Now you will receive a message from 56767 to confirm.
3. You need to reply to this SMS with “Y” and confirmation Jio caller tune on your Jio number.

Deactivate Jio Hello Tune

Call on 155223 to deactivate Jio caller tune number, or you can send an SMS STOP to 56789 stop Jio tune service.

Jio is the largest subscriber base mobile network operator company in India. After the lunch of Jio changed the telecom industry. Jio Caller Tune free service without any extra charge of service. You can active Jio tune flow above step.

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