How To Change JioFi Password - JioFi Change Password

JioFi Change Password

JioFi Change Password- In this article, I will tell you how to change JioFi password and username. JioFi is portable wifi hotspot offered by Reliance Jio. JioFi password change is very easy. You can follow the below step and JioFi change password.
JioFi Change Password
JioFi Change Password

JioFi hotspot device has the capability to connect 31 other wifi device (like mobile, laptop, tablet, smart TV, etc) and share internet with them. I will be recommended to you maximum 10 devices connect for high-speed internet. It also provides HD voice call with Jio4GVoice app and high-speed 4G internet.

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When you bought a JioFi device, you should know that every JioFi hotspot device has a unique username and password written underneath the battery. The default password is a strong password with random characters but which is difficult to remember.

It has the capability to connect 31 other wifi device. So anybody who knows the default password of JioFi and connect to your JioFi if you do not change the default password. So JioFi change password. Otherwise, your internet connection will become slow. Flow the steps for JioFi change password and username online.

How To Change JioFi Password

Very easy and simple way step by step flow for JioFi password change.

Step 1: Switch on your JioFi device and Connect using the default username and password wich written underneath the battery.

Step 2: Open your web browser and type or http://jiofi.local.html/ in the address bar and press enter.

Step 3: Click login option which you can find in the top right corner.
JioFi Change Password
JioFi Change Password

Step 4: Then type in 'administrator' as both the username and the password in the popup window and select login.
JioFi Change Password
JioFi Change Password

Step 5: After that, select settings just below the Jio logo.

Step 6: Go to the wifi settings from the left-hand menu list.

Step 7: Now delete the SSID name and enter your own username.

Step 8: Find security key form the list and delete, and enter your own password.

Step 9: After that, you need to press the save button to confirm changes password.

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Detailed Guide To JioFi Change Password

Below you can read the step by step detail guide to change JioFi password and username of the network. This guide is applicable who doesn't have much experience with computer and routers in general.

1.  Switch ON Your JioFi Device

The first thing is to power on the device by press power button at 3 to 4 second and wets for the router is completely on, and ready to use

2.  Connect Your Phone Or Laptop And JioFi Device

In this step, you need to connect your device to your JioFi router with Wi-Fi. If you haven't changed username and password of your JioFi device, then you will find the default username and password wich written underneath the battery. But if you have changed it before you will have to enter default password. Going to the wireless settings on your device.

3.  Open Your Web Browser

To access the configuration page, open a web browser on your device which you connected to JioFi router and type or http://jiofi.local.html/ in the address bar and press enter.

4.  Login Interface

Click login option, Then type in 'administrator' as both the username and the password and tape on login button. Then you can click on OK. Login option will be located below the field.

5.  JioFi Password Change

Now JioFi changes the password, click on network >> Wi-Fi configuration > secure key. You will see a list of option like status, channel, encryption, etc.

6.  Choose A Password

Flow above step then you will find an option with the name Password. Here, you can enter the Password that you prefer and click the apply button and secure the device

7.  JioFi Network Name Change

Click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration and changes to the Network Name (SSID), and click on save. Then when you reconnect to the JioFi device, in case it does not connect.

8.  JioFi Login ID And Password Change

Clicking on User Management > Account Management and enter new username and password, then confirm it. Click on the save button when you're done.

How To Change My Jio Alternative Number

While purchasing a new Jio SIM, we provide an alternate mobile number to receive communications and OTP. In case if you change the alternate number for any reason, please follow the below step procedure. So to change this number simply.

Install and login My Jio App. When the open home page, click on More Options button in the top left corner indicated in the form of three small horizontal lines.

Now select the option settings as shown below.

In the settings page, click Account Settings.

In the account settings page, you click on the Alternate Contact Work.

Now enter the new number in the second box, and click on the Submit button.

Your new alternate number should be updated immediately. Then you will get a confirmation message.
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